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Large Scale Landscape Designs

Connect All Of Your Outdoor Spaces

Large Scale / Whole Site Landscape Plan Package

Landscape plan packages start at $3500 and include plans that can be built by a contractor and/or submitted to an HOA. The plans will include a Demolition Plan which defines any elements to be removed, a Hardscape Plan that includes all hardscape elements (patios, outdoor kitchen, pool, spa etc.), and a Planting Plan that defines all plant material. Elevations of any vertical hardscape elements will also be a part of this. The package will also include photo-realistic renderings and/or 3-D computer modeling, and visual imagery to show plant and hardscape material.

The pricing for your design will depend on the size of the area, the design elements that you would like to include (deck, pool, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, etc.) and any additional options (photo-realistic rendering or 3-D model) from below that you would like to include. The optional items can also be added for an additional cost if you decide you want them after the plans are presented.

Sending plans to contractors for quotes is also included in this package. We will send plans to 2-3 contractors who will be chosen depending on the scope and elements of the project. Some will specialize in certain areas such as pool or outdoor kitchens, so we will choose according to your specific project. We make sure that the contractors that we recommend are licensed, bonded and insured.

If these plans need to be submitted to an HOA, they will be compliant with the standards for your HOA and can also be submitted to them if you wish.

Plans for permits and / or obtaining permits can also be included. Depending on when you plan on installing the project, you may want to just have the plans since permits have an expiration, typically a few months after getting the permit.


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